Itap-fit® Fittings

One single fitting for three different pipes.

Itap-Fit® is the innovative solution introduced by Itap® for the fast connection of copper pipes and now of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and poybutylene pipes as well.

Itap-Fit® is a complete range of fittings able to solve the problems generated by any sort of installation. The range is now supported by the male connector complete with an o-ring, particularly suitable to the use with the range of manifolds and with the valves and lock shields for radiators.

Tests performed in Itap® laboratories have proved that the employment of Itap-Fit® to carry out copper pipe installations allows substantial savings of time in comparison with the conventional solutions:

  • 45% less compared to press-fit fittings
  • 70% less compared to compression fittings
  • up to 90% less compared to traditional solder fittings.

The use of Itap-Fit® fittings is easy and intuitive, and their installation does not require any complex tool or skilled worker: despite this, the connection is completely reliable and it is almost impossible to make errors during the installation if you just follow the correct make up procedure.

The most important component of the fitting is its fastening ring of stainless steel, whose shape was developed after a long study and many trial tests, it basically prevents the installed pipe from being accidentally extracted, and in the meanwhile it allows very quick release by using the disconnecting clip without any damage either to the pipe or the fitting.

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